Terms of Use

The Australian National University (ANU) recognizes that your privacy is very important to you. As an ‘agency’ within the meaning of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), ANU complies with the obligations of the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles to handle, use, manage and protect the integrity of your personal information.

ANU has a Privacy Policy that sets out how the ANU handles personal information. You can contact the ANU to seek access to, or correction of, the personal information that the ANU holds about you at privacy@anu.edu.au or to make a complaint or enquiry about ANU privacy practices.

The POSTAC Service is owned and operated by the ANU. The POSTAC Service is hosted for and on behalf of the ANU by an external cloud services provider, Amazon Cloud Services. All customer data including any personal information is stored securely within Australia.

If you wish to use the complete POSTAC Service, you will be asked to register an account. When you register an account with the POSTAC Service you will requested to submit registration data including, but not limited to, the following personal information: (a) your name; (b) your email address; (c) a username; (d) a password; (e) a secret question; (f) your age group; and (g) your gender (“Registration Data”).

If you wish to use more advanced features of the POSTAC Service you may be asked to provide Additional Data, including, but not limited to the following personal information: your postcode; your employment status; your previous study; your current study; your age; your gender identity; your current employer; years outside study; and number of degrees (“Additional Data”).

Any data, including personal information, you submit to the POSTAC Service: may be used by the ANU and its employees and subcontractors to perform the POSTAC Service; and to generate reports for the ANU’s POSTAC Service customers (“Customer Reports”). Customer Reports may include the Registration and Additional Data you submit and the POSTAC Service specific data – but all such data included in a Customer Report will be in an anonymous and aggregate form. Customer Reports will be sold internationally.

The ANU will not otherwise use or disclose your personal information without your consent unless required or authorised by law.

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