PostAc® is a learning platform that shows you examples of non academic jobs which are suitable for research degree graduates. Our bespoke algorithm sorts jobs along a scale from one to ten, with one being no research skills and ten being the most. Often job searching outside of your academic discipline can be tricky – typing ‘astrophysics’ or ‘anthropology’ into a job searching engine will only show you academic jobs.

We want to broaden your mind and show you what else might be out there. We provide this information so that you can think about what industries and employers might be interested in hiring people like you, and what additional skills and abilities you might need to have, or develop, to secure an interesting research job outside of academia. Our information is provided to help you make decisions about how to take advantage of the training opportunities within the university More information on our rankings can be found here

At the moment all the job ads displayed in PostAc are from historical data provided by Burning Glass. Burning Glass supported this project by supplying every job ad in Australia and New Zealand from 2015. We hope future versions of PostAc® will show you live jobs and give you the capacity to apply. In the meantime, see these jobs are interesting examples of what you could apply for and information for your own search strategies. You might want to extract keywords from these jobs to enter into other search engines to see what you can find.

We are committed to providing research degree candidates and graduates the information about job ads free of charge. This project is a demonstration model website which will help us develop future iterations of the product. Your searches are helpful to help us craft a fit for purpose search engine, so please feel free to wander around the site as you wish – we will learn from your movement what interests you. It would be very helpful if you also fill out our Feedback Survey so that we can gather data about what features you liked and why and find out a little more about you so that we can make the Post Ac experience better.

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