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Finding a great non-academic job outside a university can be hard. Our research has shown that 80% of companies who are looking to employ researchers don’t specifically ask for a PhD. As a consequence, when you type in “PhD” to most other search engines you will only see academic jobs. If you are searching for a job outside the university it can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack.

We have used machine learning to reveal the ‘hidden job market’ for your research talents. Our algorithm can recognise ‘PhD shaped’ jobs: job ads which imply the person needs advanced research skills, but which don’t explicitly mention the PhD. It’s like we have taken all the needles out of the haystack to make your search easier.

This version of PostAc® uses jobs to explore your job options outside of academia while you are studying. Job ad texts are ‘wish lists’ from employers that describe the ideal candidate they have in mind. Very few people will match every criteria that an employer lists, so you can use this text to think about how to make yourself more attractive as a potential hire. For example, you might have all the programming and analysis skills listed in a particular job, but you might not yet be a confident presenter. Armed with this information, you might choose to take part in the Three Minute thesis competition to sharpen your skills. Alternatively, you might be doing a history degree and see a policy job that would be perfect if only you had some statistical skills. Extra courses and workshops are available in most universities – or online – to help you pick up these extra numerical skills.

Or you might be thinking of doing a PhD. These job ads tell you what kind of opportunities there are out there for people with advanced research skills. The employer wish lists will guide you as to the other types of skills you might already have that are valuable in this new context.

Using the job ads we have identified in PostAc® version one can help you to choose the right course of study to get you that dream research job.

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